Extreme Private Masternode

A currency whose defining purpose is to provide users with a secure, private, and stable means of transacting over the web.


Extreme Private Masternode (EPM) integrates features inspired by Bitcoin’s pioneering distributed ledger consensus technology; speed and governance accessions from Dash, such as a Masternode network.

Extreme Private Masternode is basically a form of online digital money that can be easily transferred all around the world with nearly non-existent transaction fees. You can convert your money into EPMC at various exchanges and just hold to earn rewards similar to interest, trade on an exchange to buy other digital currencies or buy goods or services online and offline where it is accepted.

We completely offer advance protection.

One of the primary reason why people use cryptocurrency is the Privacy that it can offer. Because of cryptography sending and receiving money can’t be track by anybody as long as you won’t give any information about yourself. That means even the government can’t track any information about the transaction because even the owner of the system doesn’t know who send or receive the money. That’s the greatest privacy that the system can offer on the World Wide Web.

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Here's the Overview on how Extreme Private Masternode works.


We offer many types of features.

Absolutely Private
Confidential Transactions
Zero-Knowledge Proofs
zEPM Staking
Dark Send

Our Mobile Application

We Created a Mobile Application for Mobile users.

Powerful Mobile and Online App

Application where even thou you are anywhere you can track your investment.

Very Good User Interface.

We made the mobile application easy to access and use for all types of users.


You can monitor your account without creating another one for your mobile. You can also monitor the value and the liquidity of the currency

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the frequently ask questions of the users.

What are the objectives of this Website?

Extreme Private Masternode (EPM) is a Bitcoin-based cryptocurrency with a focus on decentralization, privacy, gaming and real-world use. Which uses Masternode network for community based governance along with blockchain based treasury system for stability. EPM is still persuing its goal to achieve better system for transactions, and fungibility in order to remain global standard cryptocurrency.

Who controls EPM?

EPM is controlled by all the user in the world. Thou the developers are the ones who keep the software and improves it.

What is the benefits we get on contribution?

The only thing that we can surely offer is the security, but in the field of the investment we are not sure if would earn or loss the value of your investment depends on the value of the currency just like fiat currency.

How does EPM work?

EPM is nothing more than a mobile app or computer program that provides a personal EPM wallet and allows a user to send and receive EPMC(Extreme Protocol Masternode Coin) with them.

Awesome Team

Meet our awesome team who made everything about this platform possible.

Kom Sung


Over 15 years of cumulative experience in, Masternode, Mobile Apps, Game Dev and Blockchain, Software Development. He was responsible for all aspects of business in the 20 countries of the region, including Enterprise Business, Consumer Business, Services and Marketing. developer in Japan/korea/ and led the Operations group.

Stephen Mendez

Marketing Officer/ Community Manager/Core team

Discord: @CM#2714

Markets products by developing,creating and implementing marketing and advertising campaigns,tracking sales data,planningmeetings and trade show, preparing reports. And also managing the communities running ,managing the publication of all publicity material to maximise brand promotion.

Jean Negz

Marketing Planner Core Team

Discord: ExtremePrivateMasternodeJeanNEGZ#4617

She is the one who took good care or deciding what is the best strategic planning for the marketing activity that is used to set priorities, focus how to deal a customer and resources for market, strengthen operations, ensure that customers and other holders are working toward common goals, establish agreement around intended outcomes/results

Zander Bernhardt

Administrator/ Social Media Manager

Discord: Zander#8166

2 year's experience in social media management. Responsible for developing and administering social media content that is designed to engage users and create an interactive relationship between consumers and the company

James Santos

Discord: james456#3694

been working 1 year as a moderator in social media especially discord site which he can handle the community and interact the conversations which makes for a faster paced community, ensure security, beavhioural and legal problems can be identified and acted upon in a timely manner.

Mark Allain

Web Designer/Content Writer

Discord: @MARKrusel#2351

Worked as a Content writer and Web Designer, He provides content and Designs. Ensures the best design and the best content for the company

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